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North Germany Map 15 v1.2
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North Germany Map 15 v1.2

Today we introduce you to a longer construction period our northern Germany Map 2015 feature. The card is fictitious and modeled on the North German landscape. There are numerous fields from small to large, about 20 pastures and numerous details.

Large BGA
Schafhof with manure purchase Trigger
Generous main courtyard with Kuhweide
Foreland with many ditches
2 Landhandel
Large and small fields and pastures
Standard types of fruit
Chickens, sheep and cows
Detail Reich designed
several villages
New textures
Performance friendly

To play the AnimationMapTrigger Mod is required. Our thanks go to all the property and building creators.

F&N Modding

  • Trucker
    2015-07-12 17:17
    very nice landscape, but no start vehicles and doors and gates will not open, lake has no water and there is one callstack
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