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Nuhn Manure Tank Pack
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Nuhn Manure Tank Pack

This pack includes two Canadian made manure tanks, one smaller 5,000 gal model for small to medium sized farms, and a 10,000 gal dual tank design called the Quad Train, The Quad Train, has prevailed in the north American market because it is much easier to handle than a large single tank because the second tank follows in almost the same tracks as the tank before it, the Quad Train also has less moving parts than most competitors large tank which provides many safety benefits and less maintenance requirements.

1:1 scale
Walking beam suspension
Flexing hose
Realistic dirt textures
Warning and break lights

Input Bindings
Left turn lights KP_1
Right turn lights KP_3
Hazard lights KP_2
Fold/unfold Key_X
Turn on/Off key_B

I hope everyone enjoys my first mod for FS15, it took almost 6 months to complete.

Fraser Cow

AEM Testing Team
Testing/bug reports

  • Joe lindberg
    2015-04-06 03:58 Send message
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    This mod is terrible not as good as my stuff
  • Nameless
    2015-04-06 04:48 Send message
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    get a life albert....modders need to accept once you upload a mod people are going to share or steal it. thats life, build a bridge and get the f over it. i see nothing wrong with reposting mods unless your taking credit and this mod clearly isn't so your the soab in my opinion
  • Lindbejb
    2015-04-06 05:33 Send message
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    what a bunch of douchebags. this mod deserves to be uploaded everywhere. screw those idiots over at AEM.
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