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OAO Tarasovo v4
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OAO Tarasovo v4

I think that this project now is stable enough to be public. A lot of hard work was put in to make this map a thing. This is a Russian style map with big fields.

Required mods included


  • Thefarmer
    2016-05-21 10:04
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    this map it's from 1945 horrific no start vehicles no life you start your career flying in the air like a terminator
  • Blacky
    2016-05-22 16:27
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    boring map can't even open the doors to the barn all you can do is drive thru it what a pile of junk mod
  • J32


    2016-06-12 19:43
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    I converted this map long before i seen it here and all required triggers work , doors etc etc . I thought i download this just to see difference i will stick to mine as its fully working even added the traffic back and pedestrians.
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