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Obere Blattn v1.0
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Obere Blattn v1.0

Moin my much beloved community
Today, just today it is far. The day that my map is released. Did she really only at Christmas (24.12 for who do not know when Christmas is) releasen, but I'm just so nice, I'll have so releasen her relaxed and cool in Christmas can pure gamble today: p Yes, now what are to say it? The Map is not the best thing I've ever built, at least in the final, because it has become but rather time consuming: p But well, it is hopefully become yet: p It is definitely a V2 give with all fixes and improvements, ye still wishes. Note: Map is Ingame "sample Mod Map" since I have no longer made ??it or thought of it had to change it! And also no Mapbilder exist. I ask for understanding. It will be fixed in v2!
You can expect of course again some times.
But too much I will not reveal. Looks best on some pictures and let yourself be surprised. There is definitely something for everyone! ;)
Writes but please your thoughts in the comments what you think about the Map)
If you have questions you apply my Facebook page:
So, but now gelabert slow enough as it anyway only 5% of you are reading)
I hope you have fun on the Map and remains faithful to me haha: D soon possibly a V2 enter if that is desired. ^^
I thank herewith again 930TMSPower he helped me with the LS15, mitzubauen them. Thanks to you Bro <3
IT IS FORBIDDEN THE MAP AGAIN OR ALTERED UPLOAD! I hope you have respect for modders / mappers, and stay DARAN !!

Have fun playing,
Fr3aky / 930tmsPower

Fr3aky / 930tmsPower

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