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Ochsenholz v1.0
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Ochsenholz v1.0

I hope the map like it.
Explore the Map you best yourself.
The GülleMistKalk Mod is also verbaut.Ihr finds the lime on Landhandel.Es are two on the map, a north and a south.
The young trees to Pflantzen there is also the general store, just go to the icon.
I have the BGA built behind the farm, because I find it more practical.
You need to GülleMistKalk-Mod of Marhu!
In the V2 I verbaue the Choppedstrawmod, traffic, pedestrians and other features and script because I have little time to time and I am not in the V1 quite succeeded, as I had imagined.
I thank all who have made their stuff available (MarhuTMT, Steven, webalizer ....).
You may also use the map on other sites upload, but under my name!


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