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Odenwald v0.1
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Odenwald v0.1

The Odenwald project is now up and running only recently. Currently I have only one extended Standartmap with own built halls and somewhat remodeled.
Mir is in mind, creativity and idea implementation. This results in better and worse objects and environments - It is an evolving process.

The halls have animated doors for which you need the Animation Map Trigger.
Sheep pasture, cow pasture and chickens were created centrally at the court and combined with their own barn.
In the large warehouse a professorische dryer is installed, where you can bale straw, grass, sell chips. For me, it offered more to mind that grain has to be dried and now earns in addition to order some loose change, as in the normal Baledestroyer trigger or the trigger of Straw Sell Standartmap - something abuse, but so far no better solution. The tilting of the warehouse takes the standard fruits at (chips, potatoes, beets, corn, barley, wheat, rape).

Currently, some objects still imperceptible quirks that neither otherwise affect the performance still do something. My own objects bring no error messages!

The mod can not be uploaded changed. Also may be extracted and be available for download from the Mod any items. It must be used the original download link, then the mod can be offered elsewhere.
My halls / buildings / stables may be exported and incorporated into your maps, unless the modder is mentioned by name. Of course you are allowed to publish this then.

If you want your butt in, that is of course welcome. As long as criticism is constructive and provable, you will go into it. Personal opinions against people, brands, environments are to be omitted, because that has nothing to do with modding projects!
If you tell me that what "shit" is need to prove her why. If you find something good, I need some feedback here. Meaning of the reviews is a development forward in creating objects and surroundings. Also, improvements learning from opinions, tips, tricks and development.
The early release has more to do with gathering ideas and opinion research...


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