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OEB Make a Mod Video Series Trailer
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OEB Make a Mod Video Series Trailer

This trailer is intended as a guide and for reference to enable the viewer to learn along side the video series how to make mods for themselves.

The Modding Series Videos : CLICK HERE

The series consists of 4 parts over five epiosdes
Episode 1 - Building the Model
Episode 2 - Texturing the Model
Epiosde 3 - In Gaming the Mod
Episode 4 - Adding Washable and Extras

We hope this series answers a few questions and enables people with the imagination to develop the skills needed to bring their ideas to life

Copyright Info

This Mod is exclusive for FSUK or from our own website only.

All our mods are copyright under Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988

Please see our Copyright Page for more info, available at either our
FS-UK Modding Section:


Or our Website:


ONLY this original web link address can be used, so a link to this address on FS-UK.com or our own website ONLY
If we wanted to upload to other sites we can do that ourselves


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    where is the video series ???
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    thanks ...!!!
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    this is only supposed to be on fsuk and oeb moddings webpage
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