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Hello and a warm Welcome to the last OGF MAP.

Yes you have understood correctly. I'll slowly withdraw from the MAP business.
There are plenty of reasonable Mapper whose maps are really great.
Whereas I'm slowly but surely overwhelmed with the features are installed.
Why ? Simply, I'm tired to concern myself with the whole.
If anything more complex :-) and I am an old man ..'m glad I still can independently allow water :-)

So and now to the map.

The map is fictitious. there Nix auser vll a few names in reality ;-)
So again for all those who had only singing and clapping at school ... NIX REALITY !!!
Ammersee is my home! After Schöffelding I wanted at least with the name put a small monument!

MODS that your needs:

The download includes:
ZZZ_multiFruitModule_OGF_USA (do not get confused Please had to rewrite not want anything from OGF_USA on OGF_AMMERSSE)

The rest of the very clever player alone herraus ;-) I'm sure of it !!

I want garnz like to thank all the modders whose objects I have used. Keep it up !!!
Of course, even with Mr. Canadian who has tested my maps all these years. Have really always a great help !! Merci !!

And now enough babble.
I hope the map like it. VII can be found a few errors which we have overlooked, then there ne V2 ;-)
Best regards your BernieSCS
PS: Supporting something the Wolperdinger_2000 with his Youtube channel. I think how he does it, really really nice. !!

Modell: diverse Modder
Textur: diverse Modder
Script: Marhu + diverse Modder
Idee / Konzept: BERNIESCS

  • Jacques
    2016-07-10 03:15
    bonjour mon ami je vient de lire ta description qui m'arrache les larmes des yeux, je suis depuis pas mal de temps le style de map que tu à créer et je doit dire que ce fut un bonheur ,comme toi je me fait vieux . encore un grand bravo pour ce que tu as créer je ne t'arrive pas a la cheville je me contente d'utiliser de belle maps de faire quelques rajout pour moi personnellement. ne change en rien un admirateur qui t'aplaudis hautement . mes amitiés a bientot
  • Jacques
    2016-07-10 03:16
    hello my friend I just read your description tears tear my eyes, I am for quite some time the map style you create and I must say it was a joy,I like you makes me old. still a big applause for what you create can not I te ankle I just use beautiful maps to make some addition for me personally. does not change an admirer who aplaudis you highly. my love has soon
  • Las


    2016-07-10 05:51
    This map is really fantastic...when you load a map and you feel the atmosphere you know it was well made. Wish it was bigger and this complaint is actually a compliment :)
  • Titi
    2016-07-10 21:02
    quelle horreur!!!
  • Jacques
    2016-07-10 23:34
    Mr titi quand ont porte un tel jugement il faut étre sur de ce que l'ont peut faire j'aimerais bien voir votre travail mais je ne pense pas du tout que vous arriviez a ces chevilles bien respectueusement
  • Titi
    2016-07-11 00:00
    JACQUES , j'écris ce que je veux que si ca tu play pas c'est le meme prix !
  • Laurent
    2016-07-11 00:11
    ben pour repondre a titi c'est sur que c'est pas la plus belle mais pour moi c'est pas ma tasse de the et pour jacques on et dans un pays ou on a le droit de dire ce que on veux !
  • Blacky
    2016-07-11 06:15
    awesome map but it is missing a lot of mods it says when you start the games needs to be fixed
  • Blacky
    2016-07-11 06:20
    gullemist mod and mixfeeder ,gullemist mod missing needs to fixed i want to play this mod map but can't because of missing mod items
  • John
    2016-07-11 06:38
    Great map, right down to the muddy fields where a tracked combine is better, lots of back roads between fields to avoid local traffic. Was missing 1 mod, got the link at the bottom of my FS15 game log file. Still cant find where to unload wheat Worst problem seems to be the identification signs are all in German.
  • John
    2016-07-11 06:41
    Titi, those who can, do. Those who can't, complain.
  • Blacky
    2016-07-11 09:13
    whatever john think you known it all why don't fix the DAM map mod then also the gate to the field don't open either why don't you fix it john
  • Jacques
    2016-07-11 14:29
    je n'enchérirais pas le détournement de mes écris mais une chose est sur il y auras toujours des raleurs mèmes si c'est bien fait apprenez a observer les détails de réalité avant de mettre en avant ce qui vous semble des défaults mes sincères amitiés a tous
  • Kovaos
    2016-07-11 16:34
    Great map, but I cant find wher do I by fields, pls help?
  • John cena
    2016-07-11 16:35
    Whenever you out a card that is the big shit
  • Las


    2016-07-11 20:29
    Hi I was wondering if anyone tried to bale oat straw? Doesn't work for me with the Krone Ultima CF 155 XC baler. Worked with wheat though. Am I missing anything? Thanks!
  • John
    2016-07-11 21:26
    Kovaos, the fields are already yours, numbered in green on the map.
  • Las`
    2016-07-12 21:55
    Why everyone so angry here? The map works fine for me....read the description from the author. All features work for me. The fields looks like they are yours but some are blocked by a fence ..in order to buy them look for the blue floaties in towns and around the map to purchase them...same goes for facilities.
  • Wolf42
    2016-07-13 02:51
    A mapa e bonito mas não consigo estocar feno nem em ballen nem solto somente no estabulo de vacas solto uma certa quantidade e vender em ballen. alguma coisa da errado.
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