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Hello and a warm Welcome to the last OGF MAP.

version 1.3
- Cows should .. on the roof now be gone. At least I had five days seen it, no :-)
- Growth times Grass .. Should be working again
- Grass - zetern. 1 + 2 Could I not realize.
- Pending tractors. Manure storage Removes which had problems with the UPK Mod
- And various other error

Hope that fits now slow times.
Want me to excuse mistakes ...
Lg Bernie

Yes you have understood correctly. I'll slowly withdraw from the MAP business.
There are plenty of reasonable Mapper whose maps are really great.
Whereas I'm slowly but surely overwhelmed with the features are installed.
Why ? Simply, I'm tired to concern myself with the whole.
If anything more complex :-) and I am an old man ..'m glad I still can independently allow water :-)

So and now to the map.

The map is fictitious. there Nix auser vll a few names in reality ;-)
So again for all those who had only singing and clapping at school ... NIX REALITY !!!
Ammersee is my home! After Schöffelding I wanted at least with the name put a small monument!

MODS that your needs:

The download includes:
ZZZ_multiFruitModule_OGF_USA (do not get confused Please had to rewrite not want anything from OGF_USA on OGF_AMMERSSE)
The rest of the very clever player alone herraus ;-) I'm sure of it !!
I want garnz like to thank all the modders whose objects I have used. Keep it up !!!
Of course, even with Mr. Canadian who has tested my maps all these years. Have really always a great help !! Merci !!
And now enough babble.
I hope the map like it. VII can be found a few errors which we have overlooked, then there ne V2 ;-)
Best regards your BernieSCS
PS: Supporting something the Wolperdinger_2000 with his Youtube channel. I think how he does it, really really nice. !!

Modell: diverse Modder
Textur: diverse Modder
Script: Marhu + diverse Modder
Idee / Konzept: BERNIESCS

  • Jacques
    2016-07-23 10:51
    bonjour mon ami merci pour cette mise a jour je joue sur ta map et je n'avai pas encore tout vu donc les erreurs ne m'ont pas encore géner mais franchement quelle belle réussite tu peut étre content comme je te l'ai déja dit ont ce croit dedans allez bonne continuation mon ami
  • Blacky
    2016-07-23 12:18
    i bet this one won't work either probably same problems as the other ones to waste
  • Kimi
    2016-07-23 13:46
    Error: loading xml I18N item, missing 'en' or global value of attribute 'modDesc.storeItems.storeItem(0).functions.function(0)'Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization sprayer are fulfilled
  • @blacky
    2016-07-23 18:32
    Blacky your just to fucking stupid to figure it out. All you do is bitch at everything your so fucking good build your own maps and mods dumbass instead of crying about every fucking map or mod that is released.
  • Blacky
    2016-07-23 22:03
    why don't you shut the fuck up blacky troll wanabe why don't you build a map i bet you and see if there is problems on your mod map all of bernice map mod that fucking people steal and fuck them more and put them one here have fucking problems with them all of ogf mop maps GET RID OF THEM AND BUILD YOUR OWN MAP MOD FROM SCRATCH PEOPLE GOD DAM
  • Laurent
    2016-07-25 20:38
    cette map a l'air genial je ne l'ai pas encore telecharger elle est mieux que la belgique profonde v3
  • Blacky
    2016-07-27 00:18
    just like ackendorf is the same way to empty stuff it say's scrolling on top
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