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OGF Bayern v3.1
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OGF Bayern v3.1

Hello everybody.
Me and my brother want to try to introduce you to our revised Map of Bernie SCS.
First many thanks to Bernie has granted us the permit these to be edited and has Converts to veröffentichen.Ein thanks also to Bobo of this Map.
But now to the changes.
New firefighters at Baywa
Mapgrenzen were provided with forest because offset by the rest of the map to disclose and partly a forest.
In addition, a Fenced area with gate and container for example, Stationary chopper.
Barriers on contractors.
In Riedhausen a small village was built.
Start building by a walk-substituted (edit at Bernie) from LS13
Roads were freed from grass
Trees were moved that they no longer hang in the air.

As I said the map is in the test phase and we are still bloody beginner in this area and hope over komentare or suggestions can we still improve on the map or paste .The large forest is not finished and will be ready until the final consummation of the Map provided as this much time in demanding accepts every tree einzelnt to set.
Thanks to Mario 1994 for processing the streets and the main courtyard and sat on the grass and bushes in Wald.Auch Thanks to all in advance for your suggestions.

Required Mods:
Animated Map trigger of Vertexdezign without going the Goals of broiler not to. (Open the door with O)
Because the Map 256 Bodenwinkel features, the helper aligns not so simple. You have the tractor after the compass align and press on until H. Compass Mod of Decker or similar:
Special Unkrautmod:
If you have the enclosed Unkrautmod folder, need their unconditional following Mod addition in the folder, otherwise gets her problems with the growth. How the mod works can be started in the description of the Mods read:

Slurry Dung Kalkmod of Marhu:
Chopped-Straw Webalizer:

MFG masterandal & Mario 1994

Modell: Bernie SCS
Idee / Konzept: Bernie SCS, Bobo511, masterandal, Mario 1994
Tester: masterandal, Mario 1994

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    2016-08-20 00:24
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    D├ębutant s'abstenir,cette carte est merdique !
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