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OGF Farm v2.0
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OGF Farm v2.0

Hello everybody,
hereby wish you as our communities - make MAP available.
MAP: Standartmap (rebuilt)
Required Mods: No
Fruit Type: Standart +++ Multifruits-Oat Millet Sunflower Soybean Tomato Hops
PDA: was adapted
BGA has been enlarged.
Multiplayer capable
The farm has been completely renovated. There are various halls and sub-racks are available.

The cow pasture located in the large courtyard building. Here you can also Straw & Grass store and remove the mixer feeders.
In the 2nd floor bale can throw down. The door opens but only if you placed the bottom of the mixer.
The Map has been tested more than 6 weeks of OGF in multiplayer.
Questions are only www.og-fightclub.de answered.
We hope the map like it.
We thank all the modders whose objects were used.
Lg BernieSCS
& Old-German-Fight Club
Converted by JOA
Big tanks to BernieSCS with his permission, I renewed for FS15.

BernieSCS Joa UpsideDown Giants

  • Um ya
    2015-11-22 11:59
    Can someone tell me where the trigger is for hay in the cow barn? Also I put 160k worth of grass into where you are supposed to dump it and it didnt show up inside in the area assigned for grass.. *fail x's 2
  • Blacky
    2016-02-13 09:17
    kool map
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