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Oil Company v2.1 by Kastor
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Oil Company v2.1 by Kastor

Version 2.1
#Fehler mit PS bei Steam und DediServer behoben #Hud Für Beide Reg passend gemacht

The idea of Öl_Company already comb my LS13, but since I did not know how I can this transpose.
In LS15 I then occupied myself with the UPK and comb it then for publication. As Marhu be factory script then there was and I was busy, I've got my Thuringia Map UPK completely cleared! and now I want to ask you with this update my economic cycle oil without UPK available.

Installation instructions are enclosed! Does it have to be installed miten GE !!!

It will give my hand no Plaztzierbare version

UPK is no longer needed

About the plant
At the oil_Company their crude oil for the refinery sale and produced things can (diesel and engine oil) selling.
Starting with version 2.0 you can now also diesel and engine oil directly buy what but is very expensive as it itself in the refinery to produce.
The system is designed so that every man for himself, it can individually block, as each part is to move. Depending on the place on the map.

MFG Kastor

Kastor (Idee und Umsetzung)
Verschiedene teil aus LS13
Besonders aus der Industrieanlage 1 V 1
Öl-Tanks von El_Cid

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