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Oil pump for crude oil Produkton v2.0
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Oil pump for crude oil Produkton v2.0

This is my first Moc for LS 2015th
I fande the economic cycle oil from Kastor well as an extension of the game.
Unfortunately, there are the Mods of Kastor not as placeable version which I think is very unfortunate.
So I borrowed a small platierbare oil pump tinkered produced using the UPK crude oil.


  • Grey
    2015-06-01 22:51
    I have this, the well, and an oil tanker trailer.I have UPK 0.9.11 installed.The pumps and the well fill up with oil, however I am unable to pull oil out of them with the truck.Am I missing something?
  • Guest
    2015-07-11 12:19
    Is your trailer set up to carry crude oil? I've been looking every where for one, can't find one.
  • Grey
    2015-07-21 22:57
    I am certain that the Kastor tank and I believe the Kotte Universal should hold them, but they only show the diesel icon in game.
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