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Old Streams Map v1.2 Soil Mod
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Old Streams Map v1.2 Soil Mod

The map has a beautiful landscape with lots of details much
I wish everyone a lot of fun and good game

Version 1.2 Soil Mod
You must create a new part!!

- Add Soil MOd
- Big gain fluidity
- Adjust ClipDistance
- Reduction of mud
- Adjust Angle roads (finish to fly on the roads :D)
- Adjust of the selling prices of pigs and cattle (Farewell the millions ;))
- Add 2 Fields and Expansion of some Fields
- Add From a point selling the wooden and wodenChip
- Add new Shed on the Farm
- Add free place on the Farm
- Add Karcher Zone on the farm
- New Grass texture
- New forest pine
- Adjust for field purchases
- Fix all bug you announced
- Add storage woodchips on the farm
- the PDA is now larger
- Displacement of a point of sale
- add storage Straw, hay and grass on the farm
- add ramp biogaz
- add farm to store vehicles

GMM mod
Two village
Two point of sale of grain
And many other surprises

Open the ZIP file and place all the mods in the mods folder
Version soilmod a release coming soon
A big thank you to all people who created objects and scripts and thank you to all who follow me. Thanks guys.
Please respect my work and use the original download link!
A thank you

Blacksheep Modding
vertexDezign.net (AnimationMapTrigger)
Decker_MMIV (FruitFilltypeIconText)
S.W.I.K. modding team (Terrain_And_Dirt_Control)
webalizer, www.planet-ls.de (ZZZ_ChoppedStraw)
upsidedown (ZZZ_multiFruit)
Marhu (Watermod,SchweineZucht,GMM)
A big thank you to all people who created objects and scripts and thank you to all who follow me. Thanks guys.

  • Kréma
    2016-07-01 20:07
    0 0
    hello thomas I know you sir the jokin27 / 65 will be available with the maps will be super nice to your by if you'll do me the car I can not have the Moddin in remercien youSincerely Krema.
  • Kréma
    2016-07-01 20:09
    0 0
    continues to make us dream with great mods that you made good eveningKrema
  • Marre des moddeur a la com
    2016-07-01 21:03
    0 0
    encore toi avec ta mi -carte de merde quelle horreur a vomir aucun intérêt!!!
  • Daniy
    2016-07-02 15:36
    0 0
    avent de faire tes remarques a la con essai de faire une map toi même
  • Marre
    2016-07-03 04:45
    0 0
    tracasse pas pour moi jean et une et si tu la voix tu pleure mais elle restera prive 8multi-fruit .7texture bois .12sorte de animaux .
  • Rafal
    2016-07-03 13:05
    0 0
  • Blacky
    2016-07-04 03:07
    0 0
    good map but kind small space on the farm to fit a big combine
  • Polo du 76
    2016-07-24 20:32
    0 0
    tres belle map continue tu es le meilleur
  • Polo du 76
    2016-07-24 20:33
    0 0
    tres belle map continue tu es le meilleurpaul etancelin
  • Tractor23
    2016-08-11 16:05
    0 0
    tres tres belle map pour petit matos et super bien realiser il manque juste les pietons pour un plus de realisme en dehos de sa c'est une des meilleur map meme ci elle est petite continue a nous faire des map comme celle la en plus grand et avec pietons et circulation
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