Farming simulator 2019 mods
Old Stremas Map FS15 Full
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Old Stremas Map FS15 Full

The map has a beautiful landscape with lots of details much
I wish everyone a lot of fun and good game

Version 1.2 Soil Mod
You must create a new part!!

- Add Soil MOd
- Big gain fluidity
- Adjust ClipDistance
- Reduction of mud
- Adjust Angle roads (finish to fly on the roads :D)
- Adjust of the selling prices of pigs and cattle (Farewell the millions ;))
- Add 2 Fields and Expansion of some Fields
- Add From a point selling the wooden and wodenChip
- Add new Shed on the Farm
- Add free place on the Farm
- Add Karcher Zone on the farm
- New Grass texture
- New forest pine
- Adjust for field purchases
- Fix all bug you announced
- Add storage woodchips on the farm
- the PDA is now larger
- Displacement of a point of sale
- add storage Straw, hay and grass on the farm
- add ramp biogaz
- add farm to store vehicles


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