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Old Westbridge Hills v4.0 with soil Mod
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Old Westbridge Hills v4.0 with soil Mod

Veliki problem mape per kada ubacite map u mod folder name change Old Westbridge Hills to Map and enjoy for map.

New object
new dirt

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    2015-08-24 23:20
    I have several broken textures:Pallet next to the seed shed.Shed behind the large hall.Pallets next to it.Logs and log holder next to it.Ramp next to manure pit.Broken harvester by silage pit.I don't have any log errors.Anyone else have those problems?
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    2015-08-27 03:12
    a couple other issues I seem to be having:Water is not showing up in the livestock troughs.I dumped a load of grass in the first silage pit on the farm and it disappeared.these problems persist as well as the texture errors even with an empty mods folder.
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    2015-08-28 03:01
    Update: water does work in the trough. Not sure why it didn't the first time.... 2 new issues though: 1) my sheep escaped through the fence by 14. They don't wander to far though. 2) I can't seem to purchase field 20.
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