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Old Westbridge Hills v6.0 soil mod
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Old Westbridge Hills v6.0 soil mod

Version 6.0 soil mod
his is the stock American map Old Westbridge Hills with a new central farm. This map is edited by Vin Modding. Please be patient it may take a couple minutes for this map to load.

Vin Modding

  • Grey
    2015-09-18 22:21
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    It's worth noting: If you have played a previous version of this map, you will need to start a new game.A few errors I have had from previous version still exist: texture missing from the shed behind the main halls. Texture missing from broken tractor. Texture missing from gate and ramps at BGA. Cannot purchase field 20. Is it only me?
  • Willey
    2015-10-18 06:32
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    I have the same errors, hope they fix...could be a nice USA map
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