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Oldschool Farm v1.1
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Oldschool Farm v1.1

A 4-fold card from the Agriculture simulators LS09 LS11 LS13 LS15.

Oldschool_Farm 1.1
Die Karte ist ohne mods aber es gibt ebene Flächen wo ihr mods platzieren könnt!
Weitere Orte auf der PDA gekennzeichnet.
Es gibt aus technischen Gründen nur noch einen Händler in der Mitte der Karte,
von dort kann man sich zu allen Höfen teleportieren.
Die Helfer ernten jetzt Feld 86 komplett.
Der LOG ist jetzt Fehler frei.

without additional mods playable!


  • Name
    2016-07-15 20:54
    actually whole idea is great, but... umm... there are still many things that has to be done to make it work and look good. First of all: Traffic and NPC's, because you feel too alone there. Second of all: Grass, cause map looks a bit bald without it. Third of all: maybe a few basic mods, like cattle and beef? And still there are a few things that bothers me a lot, mostily bridges are sometimes in weird places. But whole concept is awesome
  • Pappyb
    2016-08-19 19:08
    great job, nice to have these maps all together. don't need cattle in all maps, the main map is fine. thanks for taking the time to bring these old maps back all in one map.
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