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Oliver 1955s v1.0
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Oliver 1955s v1.0

The Oliver 1955 was built from 1970 to 1974. It features a 310 cubic inch Waukesha diesel engine, 3pt hitch, and removable duals.
There is no moving gauges as I never got them to work. I think the gauges are set up too work if someone wants to do that. There is also no dirt set up either.
This tractor features toggle able dual by pressing left alt keypad 7.

Modeling, Texturing, Giants editor work, and ingame- Massey850
warning triangle- Sanderrr
chrome straight pipe- Oltzu

  • Jd4020
    2018-04-21 21:46
    How do i get this for FS17 or make this for it
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