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Ontario, Canada V2
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Ontario, Canada V2

Welcome to my first (2nd edition) map attempt. It's a reshaped map and the area around the church is made to resemble a small village 170km north of Toronto where I owned a farm for a time.
It has standard crops and animals, two storage silos, one at the farm and one at the south end. It also has two log sell points. Missions are gone, eggs can be sold at the house on the corner across from the church. Feel free to edit for personal use, but please don't upload to any other site. Constructive comments would be welcome!
Edit: This is version 2, the original tested well with a clean log with no other mods installed.
fixed field 6 boundaries, added new feed shed to include chaff and a bridge to get to the other owned field more easily. I also removed the 13D files to make the download smaller.
Adjusted the wood conveyor trigger, replaced the terrain in field 10 so you can cultivate after harvesting.

Thanks for permissions from:
Johnny Vee/Giants for the original starting point
rwy22sp (Mike) for many items from Old Family Farm
Items downloaded from elsewhere:
feedshed - chtiseb
Village sign - Seedy

  • Guest
    2015-03-27 13:37
    Карта класс ... но нет изюминки....много косяков и не доработок с домами, мостами, водой... а так все супер...
  • Gord
    2015-03-27 13:38
    I have enjoyed playing your map , just to let you know it is not 170 k from Toronto, more like 570 k
  • Snowdog11
    2015-03-27 19:47
    It's not his map, it's mine, and I asked that it not be uploaded to any other site but fs-uk. Massie is 170km from Toronto, Massey is 570 km from Toronto (two different places)
  • Snowdog11
    2015-03-27 19:51
    But it has the original download link, so I suppose that's ok ;-)
  • Guest
    2015-03-31 23:06
    Snowdogg...Very nice map. Kinda reminds me of home :) (Perth Ontario)Thanks for sharing!
  • Russell bannister
    2017-06-02 21:46
    Great map. Did a couple of tweaks just for my own benefit, but a great map nonetheless
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