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Opel Astra Caravan Deutz Fahr Service v1.0
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Opel Astra Caravan Deutz Fahr Service v1.0

Hello MH Community
Foreword: Many thanks to Corsa D driver for the release, please read only afterwards Review and Download!
Description: Here I have you my first mod, There is a Deutz Fahr Servicecar the you the seed and fertilizer supplies, (Later Diesel also). He also towing trailers thank a trailer hitch from Urrmodder!, Otherwise I have installed a RUL for you, Well I hope you have a bit of work in the harvest gesparrt and hopes that her joy lot with the Astra have :-). with improvements or suggestions you are welcome to post something on the comments section. jedliche insult / complain against the Modder / User is prohibited!
Key data: Fills seed on
Fills fertilizer on
Deutz Fahr Design
RUL Installe
Multicolor Distant (Because of the color!)
Dirt texture (Appears during driving Dirty)
Driving behavior Extremely Good !!
Very Cool sound!
Possesses a towbar

What is planned as Results Next: Tank Trigger
evtll. wash trigger
Important: I ask you very, upload this mod nowhere again! Thank you very much

Modell: 3d Modell: Christian,Opel Corsa D Fahrer
Textur: Opel Corsa D Fahrer, Modall
Script: GIANTS Software
Idee / Konzept: .i3d
Tester: Keine
Sonstige: Mod wurde mit Freigabe umgebaut

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