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Optimus Prime v1.1
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Optimus Prime v1.1

Here is a nice kenworth to have.


  • Winston9587
    2016-01-01 09:56
    nice how you take the mod off my site and upload it here but using a different pic wont work the optimus i made will work only on 64 bit operating system. it will crash on 32 bit operating systems. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE this never had permission to be uploaded here. MODHUB PLEASE REMOVE.
  • Winston9587
    2016-01-01 10:01
    and dont fall for the pic it not the right pic for the truck do not download this mod from here....
  • Winston9587
    2016-01-01 11:12
    @Really well first my web site is has rules and second is is people like you who dont respect modders. there is very few good modders left if all you want is shitty mods then fine keep it up and then all you will have left is modders who dont know how to do shit... and just a point get your facts right before you open your big mouth......
  • @winston
    2016-01-01 15:47
    you wanna keep your mods private then STOP SHOWING PICS OF THEM. it only takes one picture posted publicly, on FB or even a controlled site for someone to see that pic and want that mod. then controlled site or not if you release that mod its gonna get shared, as it should.
  • @redneckfarmer
    2016-01-01 15:50
    WINSTON made optimus? the modDesc credit CLEARLY says SERIOUSMODS in it. i know the person who uploaded this mod and they shared the original download link with me before uploading it and without ANY edits it clearly has SERIOUSMODS as the author. so it's not someone trying to take credit for a mod they didn't do, it's about sharing mods with the public. thats why this person uploaded it. mods are meant to be shared. you want them to stay private, keep the pics private as well.
  • @slowpoke615
    2016-01-01 15:54
    really slowpoke615, you sound like joe lindberg. NOT everyone can learn how to edit or mod. it's not as easy as you ass bags think or make it seem. you want to have private mods? as i said, keep the pics private as well. no one wants to look at mods they can't have. your not making your skills seem impressive to anyone by posting pics of all these mods you make and then don't share. whats impressive is actually using the mods. pics aint shit
  • Heitorfs15
    2016-01-01 16:06
    GUEST filho da puta para de colocar video que não tem nada haver.... seu guei
  • Rapid dissolve
    2016-01-01 17:13
    Winston what is your website?
  • Rapid dissolve
    2016-01-01 17:16
    Winston what is your website? I'm just wondering.
  • Jim


    2016-01-01 20:37
    This truck is awesome.. Thanks for the upload/. Keepem comen baby
  • @jim
    2016-01-01 20:50
    @JIM i will dont worry about that
  • Iwillwreckurmod
    2016-01-01 21:59
    do you guys really want to go to war with a modder who is 100 times better than you.[url=http://postimg.org/image/6m4jq0tvj/full/][img]http://s27.postimg.org/ym8naaxc3/u_FUCT_Dup.png[/img][/url][url=http://postimage.org/]post a picture[/url]
  • Iwillwreckurmod
    2016-01-01 22:01
    do you guys really want to go to war with a modder who is 100 times better than you.http://postimg.org/image/6m4jq0tvj/
  • Winstons mods
    2016-01-01 22:02
  • @iwillwreckurmod
    2016-01-01 22:13
    @IWILLWRECKURMOD yep that just shows how dum u are your link dont work
  • Robert
    2016-01-01 23:35
    hey guys I am on Winston website to I go by king92 I follow the rules and I agree with Winston people don't respect modder's work and I think u guys who stealing mods should be arrested and u guys are breaking the law and I heard about the law from offspring gaming because some of his mods were stolen too
  • @robert
    2016-01-02 00:11
    @ROBERT hey robert how dum are u must be pretty dum to think of something like that maybe u should go to law school and learn what it is.. really stealing a mod getting arrested LMAO there is no such thing breaking the law really. shut your pie hole up and find something else to do... some of y'all are a bunch cry babies.. your little scare tactics dont work try something else
  • @punisher
    2016-01-02 00:28
    @PUNISHER LMAO good one
  • @punisher
    2016-01-02 00:37
    PUNISHER is right its fair game once u upload a mod to your website there nothing u can do but put the right credits in the mod ..people using scare tactics is getting really old and [email protected] there some fire trucks out there that are the same as yours i find it kind of funny that all u did was repaint them and take the original credit off and put yours as u built them and there is all so other mods out there u did the same to i think u done been busted
  • @winston
    2016-01-02 00:46
    WINSTON all u do is cry over a dam mod...Question for you do u cry when u spill your milk or when don,t get your way
  • Lockon
    2016-01-02 00:52
    anybody wants some popcorn lol
  • Hell yeah
    2016-01-02 00:54
    heck yeah popcorn and beer lmao
  • Lockon
    2016-01-02 00:57
    sounds like a bunch of damn kids that cant be nice or get along with each other . we live in a world full of titty babys
  • Get along ppl
    2016-01-02 00:59
    stop figthing little kids
  • @robert
    2016-01-02 01:06
    ROBERT aperntly u had to many beers last night u dont make any since...copy right laws look them up and u mite learn what it is and the Dos and don'ts to it .DUM ass
  • Lockon
    2016-01-02 01:10
    my point porven. you all just need to take a damn chill pill and get over it there are fare worst problems in the world than this crap im sick and tired of the name calling and hateful shit that gos back and forth.
  • The purpose of modding is the free availability of mods and change the game like you want. If modders would protect their mods from editing, the modding scene would be very small and FS wouldn't be what it is right now. If you don't want others to use/edit your mods, then just don't release them.
  • Ohboy
    2016-01-02 03:19
    by the way modhub is already facing a serious lawsuit for repeatedly violating the creative commons agreements and releasing giants official copy righted dlc and the courts have already ruled in the past that it does not matter if you are the one who cracked and released it you are responsible for your site content.
  • @ohboy
    2016-01-02 07:07
    under the creative commons agreement the creator or editor CANNOT deny the mod to anyone so long as proper credits are included. read the fine print people. all you really have to do to share a mod is put down the proper credits and there isn't shit anyone can do. i've looked into this in recent weeks and have some saved info on it. i've also broken some of the tricks some of these douches use to keep people from editing there work and i am sharing that info with anyone i know.
  • Sickofit
    2016-01-02 07:12
    i'm getting really tired of all this fuss over mods for a GAME. but it's pretty simple IMO. if you don't want your mods out, don't share them with ANYONE otherwise we will all have them. i am against private mods just like most, so when i get a mod i will share it. mods are meant for everyone to enjoy. you don't want to share with everyone, don't post pics of it or share with even one "good friend".
  • Cricket101
    2016-01-03 02:13
    reading these comments is interesting i dont know how to mod and cant get to get any mods to work that i have edited myself other than the color of some of them but other than that i think its all bullshit that yall fighting so why dont the modders make a mod post it and say they made the mod so they get the satisfaction of saying they made it and then keep their original creation then let some others mod it how they like
  • Funny
    2016-01-03 06:24
    whats REALLY funny is how WINSTON is saying i made it to work only a 64 bit operating system like thats something special or rare......lmfao........i don't know anyone who doesn't have a 64 bit operation system, especially gamers and i'm seeing this truck all over the place in pics and in pics of other mods......this is a great truck. whoever leaked it, my thanks goes out to you. a shame they have to be leaked though cause the makers are too selfish to share.
  • Zeke
    2016-01-04 22:48
    winston is a great modder and people will complain and take credit for his stuff.. grow up and make ur own mods
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