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Orchard farm v1
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Orchard farm v1

hello everyone.
I present to you Orchard Farm 2013!
i've been working on this for a while now and i have finished all testing and editing now so i have uploaded this.

there isn't a lot to know about this map because everyone probably played it on 2011.

so basically there is three farms.
one small contractors yard with a couple of sheds and a diesel tank.
Then the main farm where you start off,with all crop storage sheds,silage pits,seed,fertilizer and diesel is.
Then off to the cow farm where there is a silage pit,dung,slurry,and where you feed your cows and sheep.
bed your cows in the cow shed to the right hand side.

Then off to the merchants where you can get seed and fertiliser,sell your grain and your spuds and sugarbeet in the same place.
The BGA is also there,so if you have to much silage in your pit you can cart it there and sell it and get a good bit of money for it.

Then off to the brewry in the village in behind the pub you can also sell your crops there too!

You can get diesel at the petrol pumps at the village.

No traffic.
Milk auto sells at mid-night.

Crops dont weither.
You own all fields.

Chickens are in the village in the carpark so get the eggs there and sell them at the farm shop.

Sell wool at the merchants in the 1st shed to the left between the yellow lines.

All the help triggers (atm etc..) are at the farm shop.

You have starting vehicles so you can start off harvesting fields to get money.

Thanks for downloading!

Crusty dave

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