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Oscars Landl v1.0
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Oscars Landl v1.0

Hello friends.
Today I present: Oscar-Transporte my first map before.
This map is dedicated to Leonard dear and friendly singers from Switzerland.
For details you can read in the map.
On my map is a umbgebaute Standart Map Bjorn Holm.

What I have done everything.
1.) cow farm with Hauot courtyard below combines the cow yard.
2.) dealers main building is rotated 90 degrees to the right so that the display shows on the roof overlooking the street above.
3.) Several signs inserted. Leonard and Oscar 2 versions.
4.) Windmill transferred to the coastal village.
5.) a new forest on former main courtyard created. (Soil texture Dirt.)
6.) A greenhouse space at the former site of the mill creates.
7.) The grain elevator at the top of the Eh. Main court added. (! Offload icon is not displayed correctly but not I get back. Everything works on the silo !!)
8.) At the hotel what the river and waterfall behind the house a sign erected at a thanksgiving talk to Leonard.

I hope you like my map and you have fun in it.
To be allowed a big thanks goes to Shakari for permission from his company Shield V 1.0 use.
Another thanks it comes Leonard for the release of its 2 Pictures!

It is forbidden:
To change the map to re-upload to offer in a different form to the DL or to take pictures of this Map and continue using it. Copyright: © Oscar transports and Leonard!
LG. Oscar-Transporte

Oscar-Transporte u. Shakari

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