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Pack Agromet 50m Cultivator & Plough 1.0
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Pack Agromet 50m Cultivator & Plough 1.0

Pack Agromet 50m Cultivator & Plough

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Author: Paquito el Chocolatero

Paquito el Chocolatero

  • Dave
    2015-03-08 17:38
    are you going to do seeder this size as have 4* size farm..
  • Noname
    2015-03-09 18:52
    Idiots, this game is simulation, you make me laugh, have you seen cultivator like this one?
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-08-20 00:39
    Actually Yes i have in rl in my home town. theres a farmer who has a 60M that folds side ways instead of upwards.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-08-20 00:40
    1 more thing simulator my ass. half the vehicals in this game go so fucking slower then real life. a tractors max speed is 40 not 24. a combines max speed is 30 not 9. this game is so fucking off its pathetic
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