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Pack Case Magnum 260/290/340/380 v1
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Pack Case Magnum 260/290/340/380 v1

Basic script

Edit by didek:
- Added tractors with narrow wheels and the possibility of joining another
- A wider range of engines (Magnum 290 and 340)
- Power tractors agrees with the manufacturer
- Better lighting
- Fixed a few visual details
In the package:
-Case Magnum 260 2012 (298HP)
-Case Magnum 260 2012, on narrow wheels (298HP)
-Case Magnum 260 2015 (298HP)
-Case Magnum 260 2015 on narrow wheels (298HP)
-Case Magnum 290 2012 (328HP)
-Case Magnum 340 2012 (389HP)
-Case Magnum 340 2015 (409HP)
-Case Magnum 380 CVX 2015 (425HP)
-3x Twins (extra narrow front-back, only back to 260 and the front-to-back to the 290.340 and 380)

I think many players to be useful for this edition because of the greater range of engines and versions with narrow wheels-there is something for everyone: D

My only request is to preserve the original links and content
when moving to other sites / forums because I do not like nerds at cashing in on my dedicated time

Regards didek

Model: GIANTS, fozzy691
Texture: fozzy691, didek
Idea / Concept:
Other: fozzy691, didek

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