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Pack Irrifrance Irrigators FS15 Soilmod v1.2
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Pack Irrifrance Irrigators FS15 Soilmod v1.2

Pack Hose Reels Irrifrance.

This pack includes:
{C}{C}· {C}Irrifrance Optima 1036 (boggie)
{C}{C}· {C}Irrifrance Optima 1026 (single axe)
{C}{C}· {C}Draw bar
{C}{C}· {C}Hydrant (placeable)

The hose reels in this pack, allows spraying your fields.
Self-operate (without tractor).
It’s possible to change the rolling speed.
When you save your game, the position of the trolley is recorded.
You need the Draw bar to unroll the pipe.
The irrigated strip width could be changed from 70 to 35 meters.
Hose reels are washable.

Characteristics :
{C}{cke protected_9}· {cke protected_10} Irrigated strip width : 70m ou 35m
{C}{cke protected_11}· {cke protected_12} Pipe length : 400m
{C}{cke protected_13}· {cke protected_14} Rolling speed : variable
{C}{cke protected_15}· {cke protected_16} Fill type : Water

How it works :
Welcome to the vehicles shop to buy your new irrigator and a draw bar.
Attach the draw bar to the tractor.
Attach the irrigator to the tractor.
Let’s go to your field.
Buy a hydrant and place it closed to your field.
Place the irrigator closed to the hydrant to fill it.
Unfold the front jack.
Move down the trolley lifter.
Detach the tractor from the irrigator and go backward to the trolley.
Attach the trolley to the draw bar.
The speed of the tractor is set up automatically to 6km/h.
Unroll the pipe with a stable speed (using  “3”).
To stop unrolling, break your tractor and detach the trolley.
Walk near to the irrigator and activate the spraying.
If you want, you can change the rolling speed.
The spraying is automatically stopped when the pipe rolling is completed.

Command (AZERTY) :
« X » : unfold the front jack
« T » : change the irrigated strip width
« K » and  «  , « or Left mouse right/left : Turn table
« J » and  « N » or Left mouse Up/Down : Up/Down the trolley lifter
« numpad7 » : Attach the trolley to the lifter
« R » : Fill the irrigator
« B » : Enable/disable spraying
« numpad8 » : Rolling stop
« numpad4 » : Rolling speed change


  • Peterpiper
    2015-12-20 23:57
    I installed this mod and it changed my clock operation. Every second one minute passed on my game clock and did not notice it right away. Had to delete this mod, manually remove from career savegame file then reconfigure my clock. Don't know if it was a conflict with some of my mods or what but if you install watch your game clock.
  • Fantomas37
    2015-12-23 11:27
    super dommage que la texture du sol ne soit pas modifier comme quand nous passons de l' engrais liquide par exemple
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