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Rabaud Manure Scrapers v1
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Rabaud Manure Scrapers v1

Lame niveleuse et rabot à fumier.

Ideal for the cleaning of your stables (B button to empty)

You can shave the grass or create plots (ideal for preparing the ground to install a building)

FraBel LS-Modding

  • Predateur
    2015-09-13 16:54
    delete the miror link otherwise the rest of the pack not published i adversting frabel for this
  • Thombat
    2015-09-13 19:59
    what is the map in the video?
  • Xavier
    2015-09-14 10:02
    don't respect the rules of the moddeur's team: "you can all put the link packs on your sites and other facebook page for UNIQUE NOT CONDITION CHANGE LINK ORIGINAL DL" Can you change the dl link with this one : http://www.frabel-lsmodding.com/redirect1/http://ul.to/qgmhdx37 Or delete the mods ?
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