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Pack Slupow by GoldFox
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Pack Slupow by GoldFox

After a short break, I seem to you a packet of power poles.
The models are quite accurate, and look neat.
The package can look at a lot of weighing but includes posts and everything that is pictured in the AO and the normal version. Also it through this :)

- DDS texture format,
- Textures are versions of the AO and Normal,
- Objects set on the map using the GE (Giants Editor)
- I tried to get all the columns came out at the appropriate scale. However, if the scale do you think is wrong is enough to change it at GE,
- The objects can be opened with the old and the new GE. You can launch version 5.5.2 and 6.0.2,
- Once downloaded, unzip the package and read the file "Read"
- Clipdistance (That is how far away we see the model is at your disposal. It is set to 1000000,
- Models do not have errors,
- Package includes on separate different cable lengths (from 14 to 23),

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Konwert: GoldFox

Terms and Conditions / Rules
-Zakaz Change the link! / Do not change the link!
-If You enter the author thyself! / If you move please write nick author
-Zakaz Editing! / Do not edit!
-Please For downloading from the original link (Yes hajs August disagree.: P :))
-I Respect your honor the bans you and I will give my more models and mods
- The more downloads, the greater motivation for me, and faster release of the next package.

We sincerely want to thank you for the ideas to the following person: Pionner620, slurries and greet the entire team from FB and forum;)

Yours GoldFox

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Konwert: GoldFox

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