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Package Hal placeable and Normal v1.0
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Package Hal placeable and Normal v1.0

Even after a short break, it seems you a package of light.
However, this is not as simple package than usual.
The models are not as detailed, but they look very nice.
Not weigh Bundle to very specific.

- DDS texture format,
- Textures are AO,
- In the package there are several versions of the world now, in the "placeable" We have 4 types of lights to the FS 13 and FS-15, we put the mods, we buy, and on the map where. you want to set.
- Are in the folder "Giants Editor" models of the world to set it on the map using the GE (Giants Editor)
- Objects in the "Giants Editor" can be fired with the old and the new GE You can start the Version 5.5.2 and 6.0.2.
- After downloading, unzip papczki and read the "Read"
-. Clip Distance (That is, as far as we can see, the model is available, it is set to 100000,
- Models have no errors,
- LOG versions placeable is clean!

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Konwert: GoldFox
Graphics: Pioneer620
Photos: Paffcio

A big thank you to them. Especially for Manzano, who did a great job!

- Prohibition, change the link!
- If you enter the author / If you move, please send nick Author
- Prohibition of editing!
- Please select a download from the original link
- I respect your honor you prohibitions and I will do my models and more Mods
- The more downloads, the greater is the motivation for me and a faster release of the next pack

We sincerely wish to thank you for the ideas to the following persons: Pionner620, Jozin, Paffcio.
Yours Swiftpaw


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