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Packer 1000 v1.0
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Packer 1000 v1.0

Packer fitted to vaderstad 1000 cultivator. Not my mod, ony edited to fit a functioning cultivator.

Model: Packer
Original modder: NCFarmer Blake

  • Blakealig1
    2016-04-04 12:53
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    Seeing how somebody likes to steal mods then edit wihtout my permission and they cant even take to packer into blender to take off the hinges for the next set of wings. Well i will be realeaseing no more mods!
  • Blakealig1
    2016-04-05 00:49
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    the thing is if they would have just messaged me about it i would have said yes to editing and uploading i said yes to reaper to edit and upload
  • Jim


    2016-04-21 18:26
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    Don't publish non of your junk mods buddy!!! Keep certain things to yourself and quit acting like Shitberg!!!! Have a wonderful day. TRUMP2016
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