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Palfinger Jenzcrane v1.0
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Palfinger Jenzcrane v1.0

A Palfinger Jenzkran for the forestry sector. It can be taken by all vehicles and is used for transporting logs or to push this.

-Anhängerkupplung For Low Trailer
-1x Fixed Automatic Camera which swivels with the forest pliers in the bottom area
-1x Static camera to the fixed point of the gripper arm in the base region
-All standard features of the JenzHem853 gripper arm (support are in GE Forum)
-2 Support legs can be folded out when needed
-1 To prevent automatic Stand of an upset
-Front / Tele / Loader Compatible
-indivituelle color choice

Watch Out! Important message of hiessigen Jenzkran work:
Due to this, the Greenspace against deforestation, activists have hiessige paint Sabortiert and logos unauthorized programming. Unfortunately, the technicians are not yet zubeheben the error in the position. The result is not satisfying the instantaneous delivery of Jenzkranes the General Regulations. Once the technicians have fixed the problem, it is assumed that there is a delivery and special varnish. All previously delivered Jenzkrans then of course painted by free.

Have fun:-)

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2.The change and re-upload is not allowed


  • Guest
    2015-01-17 19:50
    Cool Mod! Inexpensive log handling equipment. Get started logging for just over $12,000. Cut trees near the lumber yard and drag them to the sale point for making quick money. One short spruce sells for about $9,000 so it pays for itself quickly. The only thing that I dislike about it is that the Left/Right rotation is inverted. This can easily be fixed if you know a little about modding.
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