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Panels signs for Mapbau v1.0 Alu schwarz
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Panels signs for Mapbau v1.0 Alu schwarz

I have here a few signs for you, with the need to incorporate their GE,
I will make of any placeable version !!!!!
The signs are to be used as a guide or for signage.
I have 162 signs made for each version
Pickup, delivery, apples, apple stock, Railway Station, Ball bearings, Bank, Building Materials Center, concrete, beer, pear, cauliflower, brewery,
Boards, Bread, bulls, Chilli, diesel, bio diesel, fertilizer, and many more
Version V1.0 alu black chalkboard in aluminum design with black lettering

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  • Brocken62
    2017-11-06 18:45
    HalloIch finde diese Schilder sehr gut.Kann man sie ohne Änderungen für den LS 17 übernehmen. MfG
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