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Paradise Hills by Stevie Damage Mod Ready v1.2
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Paradise Hills by Stevie Damage Mod Ready v1.2

Hello friends.
Welcome to the Paradise Hills V1.2 map update.
Several issues were left over in V1.1 i.e the tree in the road at the farm and the wood sell trigger at the forest mill which didn't work so they were replaced. I wasn't happy with detiling in the south area of the map and added extra to it. The mod desc and lua files were updated and will hopefully conflict less with other maps. I then added the Damage Mod by mngrazy. The Fendt Station garage can handle medium repairs and the dealers can handle 3 maximum repairs. As usual a new gamesave is required, sorry about that but that is the last update, have fun with it.
Paradise Hill with multifruit and soil mod ready. 21 medium to large fields and a large natural forestry area in the centre of the map. The map also comes with matched placeable trees for fast forestry replenishment. Custom animal zones with the water mod and animal fattening for Pigs, beef and chickens plus egg laying station. The map has many features and ways to pass by the hours. Have fun, Stevie.

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Robbie, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, Fatian, Blacky_BPG, mngrazy, Spieler11 and Webalizer.

  • Ripptide
    2016-02-24 20:50
    Great map/update Steve, thanks much.
  • Nick
    2016-02-25 00:56
    the pig and beef prices seem a bit wrong
  • Firez34
    2016-02-25 01:42
    Nick I'm aware of but it was the last map I'm doing and the last update for it now my dads past I'm going back to work next week and not modding any more. The prices can be adjusted on the trigger or in the RegFillType.Lua in the scripts folder.
  • Butthole
    2016-02-25 02:26
    Stevie I'm sorry to hear about your father. Perhaps work can keep your mind off things a bit. Thank you for all the mods you have given and the time you put into them. Hope to see you around here in the future as things settle down for you. Take it sleazy.
  • Nebular
    2016-02-25 04:32
    Stevie my condolences and prayers go with you. You've made some great contributions to the community and I will always enjoy your wonderful maps. Sorry to hear we will not see more of your mods, but family and personal life always come first.
  • Firez34
    2016-02-26 15:42
    Thanks for the comments guys, Stevie.
  • Przndoc
    2016-02-29 06:56
    Stevie:My most sincere condolences on the recent loss of your father. You will be in the thoughts and prayers of many friends and benefactors of your technical skills. Hang in there....
  • Jj


    2016-03-03 02:38
    hello firez. okay I do not understand a thing as possible and certain maps have various kinds of fruits and various plantations, trying to make a map set with various plantations I saw several friends playing fs 15 and their maps teem all fruit. grape. Orange Apple. cotton. onion. sugar cane and more and not pack. you do will be a spectacular map, I know I'm asking a lot but already upset many maps always the same, sorry we expect your news
  • John
    2016-03-08 11:04
    sincere condolences for your farther. having trouble finding eggs. bought 20 chicks says I have 20 eggs have searched field cannot find them . am I just being thick. cheers john
  • Rock
    2016-03-31 06:35
    Thanks Steve and take care my friend you had and have the best maps
  • Rock
    2016-03-31 23:46
    Oh and by the way I lost my Dad as well very hard thing to get over really you never do..Hey man if you wanna talk are hang out and just shoot the shit dude I am around .Hit me up you are welcome to come on are Team speak anytime take care .RocK
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