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Paradise Valley v1.0
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Paradise Valley v1.0

Paradise valley invites you into the challenging world of a modern day farmer. Take on all the challenges of farming life, including working with animals cows, chicken and sheep, cultivating your land and harvesting crops.

choppedStraw. oats. rye. sunflower. clover. alfalfa. manure. liquidManure. kalkSolid. pig v5. beef v5. ViehMarkt. MapBuyableObject. MixFeeder. HardPointTrigger added. MischStation.
This Map has taken well over a year to remake.
mods needed for map.
gold expansion needed.

credits. Seba j original Beskidy map. marhu. vertexdezign. ogf. Sk Jatala. webalizer. upsidedown. Chewzacca861. GrimbulletBill. robbie.

  • Djosha
    2015-12-13 01:52
    Beautiful map, and nature, simply the most beautiful I have ever seen! I jst started playing, so the full opinion will yet come, but...It is incredible! For me, it has only one minus : there is no traffic. For me , this is what gives the map liveliness, and player gets the feeling that he is not alone on that tremendously , fantastically paradisiac piece of land!But I hope that traffic will come in the next version. WEll done!
  • Don


    2015-12-13 02:52
    Nice Map. Is there a bunker silo for silage? I do not see one anywhere. Where do you put silage?
  • Don


    2015-12-13 02:56
    Nice map but I do not see a silage bunker or silo. Where do you store silage?
  • Ben


    2015-12-13 05:17
    You got a spot for that in the BGA
  • Boys'n
    2015-12-13 15:18
    Franchement canon cette map. Reste plus qu'a peaufiné quelques détails et se sera mortel.
  • Ritch
    2015-12-14 12:15
    very nice and Beautiful map. i did see a bga guys. its their.
  • Nicola
    2016-01-03 18:23
    Hi, this map can not collect water and animals! anyone can help me? The map is beautiful
  • Papy farming
    2016-02-05 14:20
    Hello,Après 59 heures de jeux sur cette map j'arrive à l'étape ou je doit vendre mes veaux et pigs, mais je n'arrive pas a les charger pour les livrer quelqu'un a la solution ?
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