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Pda Map for the Production map v1.0
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Pda Map for the Production map v1.0

 I've a neat Pda Map for the production map created. There are included in the zip 3 different pda_map.dds. With description and without. So that everyone can choose what he prefers.


  • Jeremy
    2016-06-01 04:43
    Two issues: 1) there are three versions, but no ReadMe file to tell which is which, and 2) I tried copying the first version to the productionfarm2.zip file, and keep getting an error message: "The destination file is invalid or corrupt."
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-01 05:04
    Finally got an alternate version to copy to the zip file. Still, a readme describing each version, or images would be helpful.
  • Jacques
    2016-06-22 23:59
    beau travail sur le GPA je l'ai installé il est top et très soigné good+++
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