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People Holm v1.1
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People Holm v1.1

New fruits: be stored sunflower, oat and rye Can the yard silo harvest new crops: sunflower with corn head, oats and rye with cutting stock for compost at the court of BGA set unloading deeper composting plant set up - loading of trailers possible compost can be loaded with standard hangers be! Treated seed can be loaded with standard hangers and sowing! Price for compost and dressed seed particles adapted and adjusted Fillplanes capacity manure amended pork, beef and cows, respectively 200,000 liters of liquid manure storage: 1,000,000 liters Various minor fixes.

Version 1.6.1:
Map works on Patch 1.2DE !!!
Stained seed stock for seed added (mkausen Thank you!)
2. outlet away at the train yard, the originals now works in MP
Seed stained outlets freight depot and shipping
Seed and fertilizer added at the following locations:
Shipping company, biomass power plant, trucking companies and freight station
Several minor changes.
It's not making the score needed if you have previously played the V1.5 or V1.6 !!!
Once unzip and replace the existing file with the new one, done!
Do not be surprised, after unpacking is, the map's 1.5, but it is really so,
is still the 1.6.1!
Necessarily the Seeds2Fix.zip contained in the mod folder copy! (Marhu, White!)
PDF file with links to the required mods: http://ul.to/m7v6a43i
Who is older than 1.5 of a version that can possibly take over the game.
Here is a guide of Happy Looser how to take over a game status:

Version 1.6:
Cattle fattening pigs u. Swapped currently 3.2.7 (A thanks to Marhu)
Digital displays added (thanks to a Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster)
Seedmaster added (thanks to Andy1978 A and Marhu)
"Beitzen allows control of all essential
soil and seed-borne pathogens in cereals in the best cultural compatibility, thereby ensuring smooth, healthy stock from the beginning. "
In no case do the Seeds2Fix.zip in the mod folder, which can lead to crashes !!!
Display Overview added (thanks to a Blacky_BPG and Happy Looser)
Calling the display Overview with F9 key !!!!
Several minor changes.
And now what everyone wants to read:
It's not making the score needed !!!
Once unzip and replace the existing file with the new one, done!
Do not be surprised, after unpacking the heist Map 1.5 again, but rightly so,
is still the 1.6!

I wish you lots of fun on the map and would
I appreciate your comments.


Current LS15 patch 1.2DE:

1LS12: Unterstand
Marhu: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband, Stutzen
Pisty: Rampe
Mariodiek: Förderband Holzschnitzel, Lagerhalle
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
ZeFir_POLAND: Bodentextur
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0 - Fruchttexturen
Leos50: Förderbänder
Marhu u. Mannie313: Mastanlagen GMK Mod
Zatoxx: Gülleverkauf
DigitalDisplay: Blacky_BPG, Nils23, weisser, lappyBauer, dtmaster
Seedmaster: Andy1978 und Marhu
DisplayOverview: Blacky_BPG und HappyLooser
Saatgutlager: mkausen
Seed2Fix: Marhu, weisser (Hilfe beim seeds2fix)
Woolpalettcollector: Marhu
DustMod: Inerti
Brunnen: LS-2013 Modding
Kalksilo: RC-Devil
Real Sky: Modding Fabrik
Metzgerei: Pandahma
Klee Luzerne: bgo1973
Kompostwerk: Farmer_Andy
Güllelager: Farmer_Andy
Tankstelle: LS-2013 Modding
Gitterbox Eier: Eisbearg
Multifruid Mod: upsidedown

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    2015-02-04 21:50
    The big manure tank its not whorking in the map
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