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Peterbilt 379 v1
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Peterbilt 379 v1

Peterbilt 379


  • Guest
    2016-07-06 12:09 Send message
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    it's little pricks like you that piss modder off this is not your truck the maker of this truck is Tim Dewayne Stewart
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-07-06 15:24 Send message
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    The truck isn't even a Pete its a Kenworth.
  • Thunder
    2016-07-06 21:36 Send message
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    who posted these trucks man up you dirtbag no one gave you permish to do it we all no who made them who ever posted them needs to be hung by there bag
  • Rstokes30
    2016-07-07 06:54 Send message
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    actually tim is not the builder I amand yes I was in the credits along with truckdriver and you did not have permission from me to upload this here or anywhere else you are the reason ppl like me do not let there mods out to the public and if u wanna tell me I didn't build it sorry to tell u son I have proof from start to finish and I can show dates of the first time I showed it to the public and your an idiot its a kenworth not a peterbilt 379
  • Rstokes30
    2016-07-07 07:00 Send message
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    take it down this truck was built from scratch by me not tim u had no permission to post it and I have proof its mine and yes I was in the credits
  • Who cares
    2016-07-07 19:00 Send message
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    why do you ppl get so upset over beyond shitty models? Bunch of have nots bickering over table scraps. just sad
  • Blame eric
    2016-07-08 01:48 Send message
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    BLAME ERIC AKA FUCTD MODDING, HE and his group are doing this to everyone
  • Luckyduckfarmer
    2016-07-08 17:55 Send message
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    This guy stole this mod and called it his own. I don't know how he cant tell that its a Kenworth. There's no cab. The cars don't even notice you. They glitch though the back. They just ram into the front like its not even there.
  • Chase
    2016-07-19 02:38 Send message
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    So all arguing aside, is it a decent mod? Haha
  • W0w
    2016-07-25 16:12 Send message
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    so what's this rip offs next show and tell project a 892 LC john Deere excavator he names a kamatsu or better yet a peterbuilt why do people who have the slightest clue about anything get right in there and talk there shit then when you call them on it the fool or fools will argue there point shit for real that's sickening how dare they may the devil shit on there grave bye nice communicating with you fooks and folks
  • W0w
    2016-07-25 16:15 Send message
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    hey rip off next time show us a picture of your wifes tits ya fackin hardon
  • Jealous nigger
    2016-07-25 16:16 Send message
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    whycouldnt I have stole that mod and have named it something else dam white folk
  • God


    2016-07-25 16:20 Send message
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    shut up all of you
  • Satan
    2016-07-25 16:22 Send message
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  • Farmer boss
    2017-06-03 11:45 Send message
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    nice mod I like it !
  • Lmao hahaha
    2017-08-25 09:47 Send message
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    so a few comments up dip shit says he has power well i see the site is still up LMAO stupid keyboard warrior never came threw
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