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Peterbilt 379 Daycab v1.2 with sound fixed
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Peterbilt 379 Daycab v1.2 with sound fixed

Change Log for v1.2
Engine tuned for my preferred handling.
Second skin colour added for variety.

Peterbilt 379 Daycab
This is an updated version of SAR-michael’s Peterbilt 379 Daycab, from this site. The Pete 379 is my favourite truck for FS13. I have done quite a bit of custom tuning and given it an alternate paint job for variety. I am uploading this version with permission from SAR-michael. This second upload has the sound issue corrected.
SAR-michael says, “This mod contains the basic functionality as a GIANTS tractor would. The size and weight scale are as close to 1:1 as I could possibly get them. It is categorized as a tractor and costs $69,995. The daily upkeep/maintenance for this mod is $330/day. Enjoy!”


  • Bigbossrdp
    2016-05-22 07:39 Send message
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    Got a mod description error on last version. just dld this version. I hope to see it in the store and be able to buy it. Nice truck!
  • Bigbossrdp
    2016-05-23 00:58 Send message
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    Truck still not showing up in store. Am getting this error in the log: Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod Pete379Any way to fix this?
  • Bigbossrdp
    2016-05-23 23:10 Send message
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    Okay. Got the trucks to show up on the store but it won't let me purchase them. Really do need some help to get this to work. Any ideas would be helpful. All I did was change the mod descript number from a nine to a 21 and it showed up on the store but it won't let me buy them. They look like nice trucks.
  • Bigbossrdp
    2016-05-24 23:00 Send message
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    Ok this truck mod is for fs2013 not fs2015. this needs to be moved to the proper place. To bad though. Looks nice. The author ought to convert this mod over to 2015. Would make a very nice addition to the list of trucks.
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