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Peterbilt 384 AR Tanks V1
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Peterbilt 384 AR Tanks V1

Took The 384 Peterbilt And Made A AR Interchangable tanks Truck Out Of It
Deisel tank
Water Tank
Milk Tank
The AR Tank Mod Is Packed With Truck Unzip file And Place Each mod Into mods folder.

Anpaes Truck Build, Thunderhawk09 AR Conversion

  • Maiklfox
    2015-05-04 03:27
    the game does not see the car
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-04 04:35
    checked mod download truck worked fine but my mistake You Will need To Put A Under score between AR & Tank On Main Folder It Should Be AR_Tank sorry about that
  • Dav


    2015-05-04 04:48
    its asking for a passworld for the 384 Peterbil
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-04 07:24
    If your having Issues with the download and asking for password its your computer cause one there is no password and two I have removed the mods from my mods folder And downloaded my own upload and all was fine except needing the under score _ That is Mentioned In Above post
  • Dav


    2015-05-04 10:55
    it download fine its asking for a password to move it out of the foulder you have it in to my mods foulder
  • Michael
    2015-05-12 18:35
    try with the under score and the tanks still did not show up so try again to find what else is the trouble
  • Madog357
    2015-10-16 07:58
    love the truck its a nice mod would be better if you could use this truck with the PV15 mods.I would love to see V2 of this mod. The lights in side the cab need to go or add one for low and one for high beems and lifted and right signal lights and another one what you have the work lights on and another one when you e bracks are on kind of thing sure other would love it also.
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