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Peterbilt 387 v2.5
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Peterbilt 387 v2.5

Hello friends
I present a new truck 740 horsepower, with a price of € 95,000.
Daily cost € 50
It gets dirty and can be washed.
It is impossible to capsize Practically.
Original model of ALH.
enjoy it

Changelog v.25:
- Color selection
- Tuned to 740 CV.
- Best acceleration.
- Best braking.
- New Reverse Light.

Pisty, Vanquish081

  • Thediabl0
    2015-04-16 22:46 Send message
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    Passenger for MP included.
  • Thediabl0
    2015-04-16 22:52 Send message
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    and the limit of 3 links? xD I will not go more mods on this site ...
  • Thediabl0
    2015-04-16 23:02 Send message
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    Modders and other users uninterested up mods to your website so that only you earn money with advertising that is on the web. well champion, well... ;)
  • Name
    2015-04-16 23:42 Send message
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    The Diablo...I love this truck and would like to see more of your stuff in the future so please reconsider about not posting here anymore. This is one of only two sites I will download from. Any other sites I've came across have caused me all kinds of pop ups/warnings/grief...so I avoid them totally. You could post more links here in the comments section maybe?Anyway...Thank you for the updates! All the best!!
  • Warondar
    2015-04-17 17:08 Send message
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    Great truck, and has the sound and feel of a big rig unlike all the others available in FS15.
  • John
    2015-04-17 22:47 Send message
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    this is a very good mod sorry to read you are not happy but please keep using your skills it makes farmsim 15 so much better thank you all
  • Pisty
    2015-04-18 00:03 Send message
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    Nobody can be happy, consider that dedicate time to design, test, recreating a way of anything and without any money, we could jump not to create any way. In this way we dedicated one month; what is the result?
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