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Peterbilt 388 10x10 v1.0 Edited
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Peterbilt 388 10x10 v1.0 Edited

Well it is updated version Peterbilt 388 with 10 wheels. This mod has nothing special, but it does looks cool. My top speed during mod’s test was 90 mph. Biggest problem i had it is turning. Radius for turning is huge. I have trailer from video but need it alot of work. You can download trailer here: Dowanload Trailer.

Edited by Rodrigo Bellingieri

Edited by Rodrigo Bellingieri
Credits: kaleb hensley, fsfarmer11, aetm.

  • Xanders
    2015-07-17 15:24 Send message
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    hey thank for the awesome truck
  • Chaddy
    2015-07-18 14:12 Send message
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    Hey man awesome truck, thanks. Can you make one without the extra two rear axles and the extra sleeper?
  • Krazy
    2015-07-18 19:54 Send message
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    hey man I edited the 10x10 to make it have 8 wheels so I am going to release that soon but I did not make the truck I just made it to how I like it
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