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Peterbilt 388 TraconsPJ V1
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Peterbilt 388 TraconsPJ V1

I bring the peterbilt truck company traconsPJ, engine 735 hp K 1000 price EUR 100000.


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    You don't bring shit! That is Seriousmods truck! Give credit where credit is due you piece of shit!
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    This is a shame serious mods worked hard on this and you put a stupid sign on it and don't give them credit for their work and upload to another site.
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    I'm a piece of shit that steals great mods from people and slap a sign on the side and call it mine.
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    to clarify I conduct was down a version of the euro truck simulator2 and pass himages to build a truck farming with man 22s and that is not sin because everything made me and have to be respetoso and for which jakeo my account and wrote the above message is or administrator of the page and this shoddy because they are aciendo go through my whoever solve something'm in Nicaragua masaya 14 km road
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    lien HS
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