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PGR Manieczki by wowek12 & Mirio
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PGR Manieczki by wowek12 & Mirio

Welcome to my first map
The map is in the Polish climate and:
* Lime v2
* Slurry v2
* Manure v2
* Mod pigs
* Mod calves
* cow
* Making the cows in the barn
* buying-
* Very nice area
* Various shape and large size field
* Village and blocks of flats
* sawmill
* biogas

The rest you will learn after you download the map

The prohibition of changing the link!
Ban map editing!
The ban on signing up as an author!
Do you want to be up on other forums? Copy the entire contents of the post!
Respect the time spent on a map!
Thanks go to Chris, Mirio and Agriculture

Authors: wowek12 & Mirio

  • Blacky
    2016-02-25 09:41
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    shit map a waste of time doesn't show up on the game mod menu and the tractor and little cart trailer are upside down junk
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