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PGR Perelka v1
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PGR Perelka v1

It was originally converted map PGR Perełka with FS13. Everything is original nothing has changed. Author maps very well and it did not have to change anything to be playing well.

Map features:
- One holding
- Cows and everything associated with them
- To buy fields
- Purchase of crops
- Purchase bel
- Watering with water cows
- Water can be fooled by the river
- One field at the start
- The machine to start
- Fertilizers, lime seeds
- Mod manure, liquid manure, lime
- Mod chopped
- In the maps, it was not possible to plow the shreds on this can be
- An interesting area
- Dirt roads
- One meadow to start, the rest to buy
- Acting manure and slurry
- New textures
- Reset machines
- The super silo
- Loading grain turem
- Traffic
And much much more smiley

Autor: DaRecky
FS 15: mati4895

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