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PGR Radoszki v2.0
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PGR Radoszki v2.0

This is the 2nd edition of the map PGR Radoszki v1
The map was developed and expanded

Map of the Polish Climate
- 1 large state farms suitable for game
- Farm 1 less to play
- 3 Static farm
- settlement
- Purchase of crops
- Cool terrain
- Large small and medium-sized field
- A large area of the map
- Interesting shapes fields

The ban on editing
the prohibition of changing Link DL
INSERT BAN ON THESE reef point !!!!!!!
I do not earn on it and you can not do as you want to make it shine a time and se do his map it then earn .MOJA BE IN a FREE DL LINK.
If somewhere wynosisz copy the entire post Including prohibitions, film and link dl and a description.


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