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PGR Radoszki v3 (FS2015)
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PGR Radoszki v3 (FS2015)

Author: Krzych-u (Sad-team)

Hi :) Krzych-u asked for a recording of the presentation of the maps so why not? :)
This is the 3rd edition of the map to fs called PGR Radoszki
The map is in the Polish climate .. Have:
- Large PGR
- 4 smaller farms
- A unique atmosphere
- Mega site modeled on the real village!
- Small settlement
- village
- Different field sizes
- New Skins crops
and a lot more…

The prohibition of changing the link, editing, signing, as the author :)

The film is educational in nature.
Music is not my own and do not claim myself to it any rights!

Author: Krzych-u (Sad-team)

  • Blacked18
    2016-11-17 01:30
    I very like Poland landscape,because there is very beautiful and It is good land.I love Poland and Poland combine BIZON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!John
  • Warondar
    2016-11-17 17:17
    Oh look, Goldcrest Valley FS17 playtime with Dufus videos, in the video section of PGR Radoski for FS15. Hmm..wonder how that got there. Dufus.
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