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PGR Zalesie Map v3
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PGR Zalesie Map v3

It is the last map of the PGR series can be found on the map ZALESIE
Interestingly shaped area, pedestrian, two villages
Two buying-grain and one for beet and potatoes
Purchase a tree on the train and you can sell the beam throwing water
Mod chaff, manure and slurry v2, lime
Mod water, sheep, chickens, water Mod is only for cows!
Turn down and feeding in the barn
BGA, the two forests to logging, buying wood shavings
Multi silo
More info in the cutscene
The map does not have errors in the log
The map is MP


  • Blacky
    2016-02-25 07:14
    junk map waste of time the tractor and little trailer is upside down
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