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Pickup Set with Fun Mod v1.0
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Pickup Set with Fun Mod v1.0

Read first and then comment and then maybe complain!

Here I want to show you my

You have to unpack the "Pickup_Set_mit_Fun_Mod_entpacken.zip"!

included in the set:
- WohnanhaengerIngo210578.zip
- PickupIngo210578.zip
- PickupModifiziertIngo210578.zip
- PickupModifiziertGechopptIngo210578.zip

And it is in this sense a Fun_Mod_Set for future comments, the purpose of realism!
So that would have to have been there ...
Pictures show the rest
Oh, and one more thing and that all the models are not equally equipped (Lichtanzeigen_Cockpit)
That's it from me again: MfG Ingo210578


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