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Pieselbach going East v1.0 Beta
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Pieselbach going East v1.0 Beta

this is a small tag on the basis of Pieselbachmap. I have my fun for the SP rebuilt for a few hours. What happened? I have put many fields together to create on the basis of this very beautiful landscape, a large-scale agriculture. Although I was never in the Ore Mountains, but in some of the region in the new Länder I thinking. For the technology and the storage of cereals I built a "small" courtyard typical of the new Länder mountain halls. The BGA I took over from my Manderow.
I invite here currently high only a "condition" my version. I would therefore be noted that this version is not checked for errors or the like. However, I invite them high because I have little time in the next few weeks, because for me pending a move, which is a lot of work. but on my hard drive, I wanted to also not let dust, also, if I have time time, other Mapprojekte editing preferred. Still, I wish you much fun with the map.
For the credits all specifications apply from the base map Pieselbach!

Maurer Matze


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